#175 I miss la Vigilia di Natale

Ok, who doesn’t?

I know.

Many Italian families celebrate Christmas Day with a big lunch. Many Italian families celebrate Christmas Eve with a huge dinner before the Mass at Midnight. In my family, we celebrate both. Always, Lunch AND dinner. 

I mean, as they say in Calabria: “Se vi bastonano scappate, ma se vi danno da mangiare… prendetevi una sedia!” (‘If someone beats you, run, but if they feed you, seat down!’)

La vigilia is di magro, so no meat. Which in Italy doesn’t mean no fish. A fish lunch/dinner is in fact the traditional meal della vigilia.

Insalata di mare, salmone affumicato, baccalà in umido are the most common options…


Capitone in Napoli,

Cappon Magro in Liguria

Fritto misto in Piemonte

At my place as always antipasto di mare (seafood salad), frittelle di sedano (fried celery), fritto misto verdure (Deep fried mix vegetables)… and I don’t know what else because my aunt is going to cook and it will be a surprise.

And after dinner Messa di Mezzanotte (Midnight Mass)

and then at home, you add the baby Jesus in the Presepe!


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