#160 I miss spesa di Natale – 2

I cesti di Natale ‘Christmas baskets’ another Italian tradition for Christmas

A very basic cesto includes at least a panettone or pandoro and a bottle of spumante

There is an endless number of possible combinations: you can combine sweets  such as torrone, ricciarelli, amaretticioccolatini

But also savory foods: pasta, sughi (sauces), funghi secchi (‘dried mushrooms’), lenticchie or other legumi secchi (lentils or other legumes), salumi, formaggi (‘cheese’), olio, aceto balsamico, conserve (‘preserves’)…

Or a mix of the too…

With the typical products of the regions: such as parmigiano and prosciutto in Emilia Romagna…

or limoncello and sfogliatelle in Campania

or orecchiette, taralli, olio and conserve in Puglia

Many people order cesti in advance, in the favorite store, or they make their own personalized cesti between the end of november and the first half of December as a crucial part of their spesa di Natale 

(See also “I miss spesa di Natale 1” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/129-i-miss-spesa-di-natale-1/ )


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