#157 I miss fumetti – 6


is the anti-hero protagonist of the homonym comics created by sisters Angela and Luciana Giussani in 1962.

Diabolik is a  master thief and disguise, he has a set of lifelike masks with which he can assume any identity fooling his opponents. He has a deep knowledge in many scientific fields, including chemistry, mechanics and computers, and typically steals from criminals in a Robin Hood-like way

He was raised as an orphan on a secret island hideout of a criminal combine, where he learned all his criminal skills, his true name had never been revealed in the series, and he doesn’t know it himself.

Diabolik is aided by his lover and accomplish, the charming Eva Kant.

Diabolik does not use firearms but daggers; Eva drives a white Jaguar, and unusually goes into action wearing a heavy sweater and pants, no mask and no revealing clothing. The stories are set in a fictional town, Clerville, loosely inspired by Geneva

Diabolik’s main opponent is Inspector Ginko, known only by his surname, a fierce and incorruptible police officer.

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