#146 I miss rimedi della nonna – 2

And here’s more completely random rimedi della nonna.

L’infuso di melissa, the infusion made with Melissa officinalis, is a good remedy for cramps, and a natural downer

Someone calls melissa “la droga dei poveri” (‘drug of the poors’).

An infusion made with salvia, ‘sage’ and salt relieves gums problems

Acqua e aceto (‘water and vinegar’) is good to cure sinusitis.

Grandmothers has always use aceto for a variety of things.

Aceto e sale (‘vinegar and salt’) are perfect for cleaning. And in fact you can prepare a good home made dishwashing liquid with vinegar, salt and lemon juice. Low cost, natural and very effective

aceto, is also perfect to clean the fridge

(See also “I miss rimedi della nonna 1” https://misshome.wordpress.com/2013/11/21/143-i-miss-rimedi-della-nonna-1/ )


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