#144 I miss fumetti – 3

Cocco Bill

character created by Benito Jacovitti in 1957, and the protagonist of a parody Western comic set in hypothetical places in the Far West where apparently cactus are made of salame. He is a hot-tempered gunslinger, riding the horse Trottalemme (‘trot slow’),  who drinks only chamomile tea, and helps the sheriff to arrests bad guys.

 Tex, my dad’s favorite

is a series of comic books, telling the story of Tex Willer, created in 1948 by Gian Luigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini.

Tex Willer (second from left) is initially an outlaw but then redeems himself and joins the Texas rangers, meets Kid Carson (third from left), aka Capelli d’argento (‘Silver hair’) among Navajo natives.

Tex will marry Lilyth, the young daughter of a Navajo sakem Red Arrow, they will have a son, Kit Willer (first from right).

After Lilyth’s death Tex will meets the warrior Tiger Jack (first from left) who  becomes his “blood brother”.

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