#143 I miss rimedi della nonna – 1

On this side of the Atlantic many of my favorite rimedi della nonna (‘grandma’s remedies’) are regarded like medieval superstitions for uncivilized populations living in remote rural areas not yet reached by modern medical science.

But sometimes a good homemade chicken broth is the best cure for a cold.

If you add a little peperoncino (‘red pepper’), it will help you to breath better.

One of the most effective way to open your nose in case of congestion is boling some water with a couple of spoons of sale grosso

and then breath the vapor

It also cleans your skin!

Another recipe is with boiling water, rosmarino (‘rosmary’), salvia (‘sage’) and backing soda.

For cough a simple herbal tea made with salvia is very helpful,

or another big classic: latte e miele (‘milk and honey’)

or latte miele and a spoon of cognac, before sleeping, as my grandmother did.


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