#131 I miss pasta ripiena – 3

As the name says, pasta ripiena has a ripieno ‘stuffing’.

There are so many, but in general we can divide them into two groups: di grasso and di magro.

A good translation for di magro, is vegetarian (but not vegan), it means of course with no meat, but it does not necessarily mean with no fish, since the origin of this term refers to the giorni di magro, those days in which, according to Catholic tradition eating meat is not allowed, but fish is. Christmas eve for example. That’s why fish based dishes are traditional on December 24th.

Ravioli di magro are filled with cheese, normally ricotta, or spinach and cheese, ricotta e spinaci.

Cappelletti, tortelli and tortellini can be di grasso or di magro

Tortelli di zucca, ‘pumpkin stuffed tortelli’, are typical of Mantova, in Lombardia.

Non-vegetarian stuffing is normally prepared with meat cooked for a long time, normally beef roast like Brasato al vino rosso ‘beef roast in red wine’

or a Stracotto ‘beef stew’ (Stra– slang for “too much” cotto coked, ‘overcooked’)

The stuffing is normally prepared with a mix of meat, vegetables, parmigiano, and nutmeg.

Meat stuffed ravioli, are dressed with ragù or sugo d’arrosto ‘roast sauce’ and parmigiano.

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