#125 I miss pasta ripiena making

For any special occasion my grand mother wanted to make ravioli.

Pasta ripiena making is a big deal especially when you prepare it in large quantity.

First you need to make the dough

then you need to tirare la sfoglia (‘rolling out’) with the mattarello (‘rolling pin’) first, and then with the macchina per la sfoglia

in the meanwhile someone else can prepare the stuffing (ricotta e spinaci, cheese, meat…).

In my family to make ravioli we use a mold like this

first you put the first sfoglia on it, then a little ball of stuffing for each raviolo, the second sfoglia, you press it a little bit with the rolling pin, you flip it on the cutting board and  finally you cut ravioli with a rotella tagliapasta (‘cutting roll’)

My grandma was the person in charge for the last stage of the procedure: counting ravioli. She had a specific number of ravioli for each guest: 50 for men, 40 for women, 30 for children (sexist? maybe… but efficient… no food waste!).

Of course we used to prepare ravioli in advance and freeze them in order to have them ready for Christmas Eve o Pranzo di Natale.

Pasta fresca and Pasta ripiena making is always synonymous of special occasions or events.


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