#120 I miss colazione a casa

Many Italians are biased on savory food for breakfast, and think that this is not part of Italian tradition.

But this is not true.

My grandfather always had a fresh egg for breakfast

Sweets, especially industrially produced cookies and pastries, has been introduced in Italian tradition only very recently. In the 70s I would say. Before that nobody bought sweets or other breakfast foods.

Coffee and sugar were very expensive people bought them only in very special occasion. Tea was not very common, especially in rural areas and in the countryside.

For colazione people had latte 

or caffè d’orzo, not actual coffee but a hot beverage made with toasted barley

or caffelatte the homemade version of cappuccino, prepared with milk and coffee or milk and orzo. Many people (especially the elders) still today use orzo for cafellatte, because is cheaper than coffee.

Caffelatte is traditionally served in a bowl rather that in a cup

With latte, caffelatte or orzo, people had pane.

Simple, plain bread, leftovers bread from the previous day

With some jam or honey or butter, if you were very lucky.

More recently fette biscottate, and biscotti became typical

big classic among biscotti (‘biscuits’) for colazione are:

‘Oro Saiwa’, that in my family, for some reason, were called Marie (yes, the plural of Maria)

and Bucaneve (‘snowdrop’)

And of course coffee prepared with the napoletana

or the classic moka


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