#114 I miss pasta ripiena – 1

Tortelli, ravioli, tortellini, anolini…

There are many names, shapes, stuffing, but the idea is always the same: pasta ripiena: stuffed pasta.

Where to start?

By saying thanks to the wonderful people of Emilia-Romagna perhaps, undisputed champions of pasta fresca (‘fresh, homemade pasta’) making.

As many other things is Italy, speaking of pasta ripiena is also taking a trip through the peninsula or, as we say, Lo Stivale (‘the Boot’).

Let’s start from the North-West:

Agnolotti: that’s the name they use for pasta ripiena in Piemonte and in the city of Pavia, in Lombardia.

Casoncelli, is another kind of pasta ripiena from Lombardia:

Emilia-Romagna, the Kingdom of pasta fresca:

Anolini, from Piacenza

Cappelletti, from Reggio-Emilia



and Pansotti:

Tortelli instead

is a name used in Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia and Toscana:

Ravioli is more or less a synonymous, and a term used all over Italy, and also used to define exotic pasta ripiena such as chinese Jiaozi or japanese gyoza (ravioli cinesi and ravioli giapponesi)


2 thoughts on “#114 I miss pasta ripiena – 1

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