#109 I miss noci

Autunno, ‘fall’ season of wine making, castagne, mushrooms hunting, pumpkin deliciousnesses, polenta, hot beverages…

…and noci.

And noci products: not only sweets, such as torta di noci

…in its many versions, or biscotti alle noci

…or croccante alle noci

You can prepare a whole meal with noci.

Let’s start with a little antipasto ‘appetizer’ : fichi e noci…

…with some prosciutto crudo di Parma,  bread, pane alle noci of course, and maybe some gorgonzola blue cheese…

Primo piatto (‘firts course’): spaghetti or risotto alle noci

Secondo piatto (‘second course’) veal roast with noci

…and a good salad

Formaggio e noci is mandatory


and finally, one of the above mentioned desserts, caffè, and a good homemade nocino.

Are you hungry?

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