#107 I miss Italian hot beverages – 3

In my family punch is the typical after lunch at Christmas time.

We can have either ponce al mandarino or ponce al rum.

Ponce al rum is a mix of coffee and rum, with sugar and orange peel.

But please don’t say that to someone from Livorno.

In Livorno, ponce, is a religion. Historically, it was inspired by the punch, very popular among the British community living there in the XIX century. But don’t say that to them.

Ponce alla livornese, is a hot beverage made with coffee, rum, or rather rumme [‘ru:mme] in livornese  and other liquors.

(See also “I miss Italian hot beverages 1 – 2”


https://misshome.wordpress.com/2013/10/13/104-i-miss-italian-hot-beverages-2/ )


2 thoughts on “#107 I miss Italian hot beverages – 3

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