#84 I miss alfabeto telefonico

Alfabeto telofonico (literaly “telephonic alphabetE”) is a funny way to say phonetic alphabet, is a standardized method to spell words when talking on the phone.  The only occasion in which Italians need to spell words (since in Italian any sound correspond to only one possible graphic symbol or combination of symbols).

L’alfabeto telefonico is actually a list of towns:

A come Ancona

B come Bari (or Bologna)

C come Como

D come Domodossola

E come Empoli

F come Firenze

G come Genova

H come Hotel (the only exception)

I come Imola

J come Jesolo


L come Livorno

M come Milano

N come Napoli

O come Otranto

P come Padova

Q come Quarto

S come Savona

T come Torino

U come Udine

V come Venezia




Z come ZARA 



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