#91 I miss Italian chocolate candies – 3

Boeri, chocolate pralines filled with a cherry and liquor.

One of my personal favorites. I could eat tons of these bad guys here!

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#90 I miss having a conversations with no words – 2

They say that once in Napoli a guy was arrested.

He was handcuffed and sent in front of the judge.

The judge asked him: “And so, what can you say in your defence?”

The guy said nothing.

So the judges asked again: “Can you say something in your defence?

He said nothing

At that point the judged said: “Are you sure you have nothing to say in your defence?”

And the guy watched him and cried, surprised, “How can I talk with my hands tied?”

Italian language is 50% words and 50% gestures. Really.

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#89 I miss italian food leftovers recycle – 1

If you cook too much pasta and you have leftovers, that’s the perfect moment to prepare a good frittata di pasta (pasta omelet)

You can make fantastic meatballs or stuffed zucchini with leftovers meat

You never throw away bread, that’s blasphemy! That’s why we created bruschetta, panzanella, pappa al pomodoro

Creative food recycle: an Italian tradition

#88 I miss Italian chocolate candies – 2

Pocket coffee (sic) is an Italian chocolate candy with a feeling of real Italian coffee.

A blessing

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#87 I miss l’arte del riciclo -1

Sometimes recycling is art.

I mean: check this out:

There is people who can make real artworks with materials or even pieces of things  that someone else just throws away

In this mad world recycling is not optional, since we are literary sinking in our trash, and creative recycling is more and more popular.

But recycling staff is not exactly a new thing.

My grandmother loved geraniums (as any italian old lady probably) but she has never spent a cent to buy vases. She bought big cans of olive oil, Olio Sasso, and used cans as vases for her geraniums.


My grand father changed an old tyre into a flowerbed for our garden

In any italian kitchen, empty jelly jars are washed and stored, and used again and  again for homemade jelly, vegetables preserves, or tomatoes sauce

Old towels, clothes,  sheets become cleaning cloths. My mom can make a nice bag with a pair of jeans, hot pads, aprons, or placemats with pieces of old cloth.

Recycling has always been an art in Italy

#86 I miss having a conversations with no words – 1

Italy is probably the only place in the world where you can have a whole conversation without actually say a word.


Or you can communicate a key concept with just a rapid gesture or facial expression.

Literally in one second.

Can you believe this? If not, check this out…

(from Mimì metallurgico ferito nell’onore, 1972, by the great Lina Wertmuller, with a wonderful Giancarlo Giannini and the immortal Mariangela Melato)

If you need an answer key you can try this:

#85 I miss Italian chocolate candies – 1

Cioccolatini (‘chocolate candies’): I appreciate them much more than flowers.

The most famous Italian cioccolatini are probably the baci (‘kisses’)

They come with a little card inside with a love quote in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and Greek).


They were called pugni (‘punches’) at the beginning, because their shape reminds somehow a fist. But thank God the name was then changed in the most romantic baci, when the marketing director was inspired from the famous painting Il bacio by Italian painter Francesco Hayez for the image on the box.

Francesco Hayez (1791-1882), Il bacio, ‘The kiss’, 1859. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Kiss_(Hayez)