#44 I miss zia Anna’s lasagne


At some point in the 80s (I cannot remember that) one of my cousins from the States visited Italy for the first time. He met my mom, and she cooked her famous lasagne for him.

In 2000-and-something he came back to Italy again. He saw my mom and said just four words: “Zia Anna, please: lasagne

His son was there as well and he told him: “My son, Zia Anna cooks the best lasagne in the world”

30 years are passed from that magical first encounter with Zia Anna’s lasagne, and he still talks about my mom’s legendary cooking art “I tasted them and I asked: ‘What’s this? It’s amazing!’ and your mother said ‘Lasagne‘ and I said ‘No, I had lasagne before, and this is not even comparable!’… They melt in your mouth… ”

True story guys.


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