#37 I miss August

My american adventure started in August.

Leaving home, friend and family is painful but doing it in August is even worst.

For an Italian August is not just a month of the year, it is the month of rest, fun, friend and family. If you left Sicily when you were 19y.o. to work in a car Factory in Torino, August is the month when you will finally have the chance to get back to your village, hug your mom, visit the old aunt who took care of you as a child, say hallo to the son of the neighbor who used to play soccer with you. If you are in college that is the month that you will spend with your family and friends, one month of pure joy, relax, sea, sun, partying. If you are an important business man you will take a week at least in August. Every town even the smallest village celebrates a patron Saint, holds a Fair, a Festival, a Sagra, every town is a party in August.

I check my email and I read “How was your summer?”

But in Italy August IS the summer, the best part (and September perfect for a Holyday, cheaper and not that hot, October the best period to explore the Mediterranean Sea…) and I miss it.



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