#33 I miss merenda – 2

(see “I miss merenda – 1″ https://misshome.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/26-i-miss-merenda-1/ )

Let’s start with regional merende:

I am from a rural area in the countryside of Northen Tuscany. In the past farmers (95% of population) were very poor. Typical food is very simple, a few (natural) ingredients, oil, vegetables (by the season), corn, beans… Here a couple of merende from my childhood!

1 – Pane olio e sale. Local extra virgin olive oil and salt, on a good slice of italian bread.

2 – Sweets were not part of the traditional diet. Farmers normally had fresh fruit, eggs and milk, but sugar was very expensive, they bought it only in special occasions or when someone was sick. But sometimes kids could have pane burro e zucchero (‘butter and sugar’) for merenda!

Oh man… I can see the house of my childhood, my grandmother watering her gorgeous geraneums, my grandfather taking care of grapes, me running in the garden chasing the cat… Nostalgia, nostalgia canaglia!


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