#62 I miss traveling by train – 2

Especially when suddenly the sea appears on your window when the train emerges from the tunnel

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#61 I miss castagne – 2

In my area castagne (‘chestnuts’) in the past were considered a real blessing. A natural source of food available for free for everyone.

My grandfather in his old age hated them, because during his childhood they couldn’t eat anything else.

We might say that castagne saved many lives.

The fist step is of course collecting them. Hard work guys, your back will hurt a lot.


Step two is preparing them.

Fresh castagne might be boiled or roasted

but the most of them were dried to preserve them and to make  flour.

I don’t like chestnut flour very much, too sweet, but I do like dried chestnut


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#60 I miss Italian Fair food – 4

Frutta secca: dried fruit: apricots, pineapple, mango, but also peanuts, cashew, olives…

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#59 I miss the creative way the Italians mispronounce English words – 3

*BUISQUIT [biskwit]

*WEDNESDEI [‘uɜdnesdei]

*ANGRI [‘angri]

*ANGRI [‘angri]

*CAUNTRI [‘kauntri]

*EIR [‘ɜir]

*EIR [‘ɜir]

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#58 I miss Italian months


January: playing in the snow

February: Carnevale

March: the rain

April: Easter

May: Spring

June: bye bye school!

July: on the beach

August: vacation

September: vendemmia

October: mushrooms and chestnuts

November: almost winter

December: Natale

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#57 I miss Domenica

Sunday in Italy.

Il vestito buono della domenica, the good Sunday suit

Colazione al bar, breakfast at your favorite  café

Messa della Domenica, Sunday Mass, around 11:00

Il pranzo della domenica, Sunday lunch, with the whole family, between 12:00 and 1:00 (Antipasto, primo, secondo, contorno, formaggio, frutta e dolce: starter, first and secon course with side, cheese, fruit, dessert)




La Domenica pomeriggio, Sunday afternoon: you cannot stay home, you really want to go out somewhere. Maybe a passeggiata downtown, or along the beach if you are lucky, a gelato somewhere…

#56 I miss traveling by train – 1

Train is an amazing means of transportation, we don’t really appreciate it.

You can sit, relax and enjoy the beautiful panorama.

You don’t need to focus on driving, you can wondering around with your mind, you don’t need to stop for gas or restroom. You can read, eat, walk and still enjoying your trip.