#26 I miss merenda – 1

Merenda is the afternoon snack for children.

It might be piece of a good homemade cake, a fruit or fruit salad, yogurt, a gelato…


…but there are more traditional merende, and as always in Italy, each reagion has its own classic.

Let’s start:

1- A big classic: pane e marmellata:

Italian bread (see “I miss pane“), strawberry, cherry, blackberries, figs jam. With or without butter.

2 – Pane e nutella: not the healthier snack ever… but any italian child loves his/her nonna (granmother) so much because she always prepares pane e nutella for merenda (even when mom does not agree…). And again: try it on Italian bread.

3 – Panino: and please don’t say panini that’s the plural form! 🙂 A nice roll, michetta or rosetta (‘little rose’!) with some prosciutto cotto or mortadella 





2 thoughts on “#26 I miss merenda – 1

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