#31 I miss reading a book sitting… – 1


…on the Lungarno (lit. ‘along-the-river-Arno’), in Pisa, in a summer night


#30 I miss Liguria

Liguria is the region where…

…you wake up, watch outside your window and you see this

…you drive half an hour and you are here:

The good people from Liguria are the ones who invented pesto,

focaccia di recco (focaccia with stracchino cheese),

muscoli ripieni (‘stuffed clams’)…

They have mountains, hills, countryside, the Cinque Terre (‘The five Lands’), good wine, good olive oil… All this in one region.

Miss it.

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#29 I miss my garden






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#26 I miss merenda – 1

Merenda is the afternoon snack for children.

It might be piece of a good homemade cake, a fruit or fruit salad, yogurt, a gelato…


…but there are more traditional merende, and as always in Italy, each reagion has its own classic.

Let’s start:

1- A big classic: pane e marmellata:

Italian bread (see “I miss pane“), strawberry, cherry, blackberries, figs jam. With or without butter.

2 – Pane e nutella: not the healthier snack ever… but any italian child loves his/her nonna (granmother) so much because she always prepares pane e nutella for merenda (even when mom does not agree…). And again: try it on Italian bread.

3 – Panino: and please don’t say panini that’s the plural form! 🙂 A nice roll, michetta or rosetta (‘little rose’!) with some prosciutto cotto or mortadella 




#25 I miss piazza

In the Mediterranean Countries (Italy, Spain, France, Greece…) the central square (Agorà in Greek, Forum in Latin) has always been the heart of the city. The place where people meet, politician gave their speeches, markets and public shows took place.

The most important Italian Churches have a beautiful piazza in front of them.

The most glamour restaurants and bars are in a nice piazza

Many of the most important events take place on a square: the palio in Siena

Concerts, festivals, opera…

E allora, dove ci vediamo stasera?

– In piazza!

(- ‘And so, where do you wanna meet this night?

– ‘In the piazza!’)

Miss it.